Christmas Lunch

The traditional Christmas party is a special tradition that gathers family, friends, and colleagues across borders of familiarity and is always a joyful event! Roast pork with cracklings, red cabbage, wine and aquavit can quickly become overwhelming and add a bit of new to old traditions, may be a helpful element to creating the great Christmas party. This is exactly why cocktails are a fresh element to a heavy Christmas – and is a popular choice for these events. A team of skilled bartenders equipped with a good amount of alcohol is quickly able to raise the party to a whole new level!

We will bring the bar, spirits, bartenders, ice, glassware, and whatever else you may need and we will keep the bar open as long as you want to party. The cost for all of this? 232 DKK per person for 4 hours of open bar – all inclusive! You do, of course not, have to pay extra for us the bring aquavit for the entire party, we will make sure that you are set!

If you are struggling to find good prices on beer and spirits, you are always welcome to contact us for help. We are working together with other suppliers to be able to create the best offers for you.